The 8 values that underpin our behavior


We take the lead in building and nurturing long-term relationships: we act first, regardless of reciprocation. We empathize with the people in the companies and sectors we invest in. We are glad to help.


Reflection is under-rated. We think for ourselves and don’t take any data or concept for granted: we adopt a radically inquisitive mindset. We challenge every now and then our closest-held assumptions. We leverage multiple disciplines, experiences and mental models for insights and perspective. We listen to the Archipelago Network.


We avoid all unnecessary complexities and focus on the few things that matter most.


We are candid. But we don’t mistake it for rudeness. We over-communicate: each of us is responsible for the other party’s understanding. Sharp synthesis is even more important than deep analysis.


No one knows everything.  We listen and build upon the ideas of others. We acknowledge and learn from our mistakes. We challenge our own premises: only the intellectually honest thrive in our business. We pay due respect to Mr. Market.


We focus on the things that matter most and deliver on all commitments. We aim for best-in-class and don’t settle for less.


Each of us is committed to self-improvement and domain expertise. We look for our genius zones and invest relentlessly in perfecting our craft. We are aware of our partners’ and collaborators’ strengths and weaknesses and work with them to improve our group performance.


To finish first, you must first finish. We select and ponder very wisely all the risks we are willing to take. We prepare thoroughly and diligently – months and years ahead. When assessing evidence, we look for hard data and are mindful of its source. We are creative when fathoming risks and yet pragmatic to weigh them wisely. We are bold enough to wait. We have patience to wait for the few asymmetrical “no-brainer” investment ideas.