Our commitment to each other and our investors


No bonus, just equity

Team members are rewarded with gradual equity changes for building knowledge and a sustainable network in companies and sectors within our focus, not for making short term calls.

This prevents opportunistic behavior and unproductive bonus discussions, while keeping everyone focused on the long term sustainability of our investments.

Our own money invested and reinvested

All of our partners have a substantial part of their wealth in Archipelago. Our portfolio is managed to reflect our intended holdings, rather than a mere ‘product’. We believe that investment conviction and financial interests must always be linked.

Single strategy

Long-only, long-term equities. A diversity of strategies pushes managers to focus on the highest grossing products, leaving many shareholders unattended. Multi-strategy managers trade perspective and insight for scalability. We don’t.

Executive partners only

All partners are deeply involved in the business and the investment process (selection and value adding).

Long-term clients

The Fund’s features are designed to self-select clients with a very long investment horizon and no short-term cash needs, which keeps both sides of our “balance sheet” aligned.