Our Collective CV

“We work tightly integrated and are quite happy to trade scalability for better group communication, engagement and perspective.”

The founding partners average 20 years of work experience, while the younger ones average 6. Although we have been focused on listed companies since 2004, investing has been part of our lives for much longer. Throughout our careers we have invested – many times together – across the whole liquidity spectrum: listed equities, private equity and venture capital.

We have gone through quite different, and definitely not seamless, linear lives and career paths. Besides investing, we have an operating background in consumer goods, retailing, media, software, financials and IT infrastructure. We have been board members of several companies and were executives with management roles in sales, marketing and operational areas. Three of the founding partners have been CEOs.

Our most relevant equity investment experience took place at Investidor Profissional, where half of us worked together at some point. We benefited from IP’s deep research, value-oriented and active shareholder culture.

We were involved at different capacities in research and portfolio management for its flagship Brazilian long-only strategy and its Global hedge fund, as well as in setting up and running its client relationship operations, expanding its investor base to a national and then global footprint.

We are proud to be a very small group of 7 people, ranging from mid-20s to early 40s, all of us partners and all directly involved in the investment process. The four founding partners have worked and invested together for several years and half of us have worked together at the equity boutique Investidor Profissional.

Our team balances a set of compulsive learners and obsessive doers, with very different cognitive styles and personalities – our MBTIs range from INFP to ESTJ.

We work tightly integrated and are quite happy to trade scalability for better group communication, engagement and perspective: more minds working on different angles of the same investment.

We have lived in several countries: France, Germany, Spain, Poland, China, Italy, the US and the UK. And yet, quite a few of us cut our teeth in the pre-1994 highly inflationary and unstable Brazil. Most of us were self-starters and self-learners that have been entrepreneurs and business operators who have experimented successes as well as failures at some point in our lives. You can find them even among the younger partners.

We are mostly economists and engineers who collectively have majored and graduated from institutions like UFRJ, PUC, ITA, COPPE, FGV, IBMEC and HBS and took several courses in general management, behavioral economics, mathematics, strategy, board management, philosophy, leadership, design thinking, in Stanford, INSEAD, Oxford, Columbia, Harvard, IMPA, US Navy Seals, London School of Economics, The Aspen Institute and others.