Why we exist

One can say that at a functional level we exist to significantly compound our clients’ wealth together with our own over long periods of time without taking big risks of permanent loss of capital. Fair enough. Still, we understand our role in the world more broadly.

We want to change the way people think and experience equity investing: a claim on long-term business value creation, not a financial casino.

We want to challenge the short-term thinking and misalignment that permeate both the business and investing realms, as well as the profound and widespread misunderstanding about investing and its risks.

We want to influence the current and future leaders of our invested companies with our values and principles, so that they focus on the long-term health of their organizations, taking into account the interests of all relevant stakeholders.

We are about joint long-term value creation, not opportunistic exploitation.

We want to inspire and help companies and leaders raise their self-awareness level and performance standards while being perceived as a true strategic partner, not a “necessary evil”. We focus less on financial engineering and short-term results and pay more attention to people, culture, organizational structure, strategy, marketing, sales, business systems and capabilities development.

Ultimately, we are people-oriented. We exist to help the people and companies within our social ecosystem – the Archipelago Network – discover and achieve their full potential. We at Archipelago Partners, start by being highly committed to help each other achieve our goals and live meaningful, interesting and balanced lives.