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More About Archipelago

The Archipelago is an open, global community of investors, business leaders and board members interested in interdisciplinary learning and self-development.

The Archipelago Forum is a place where we publish for the whole Archipelago community some of the most interesting stuff – insights, articles, videos, course experiences – that each one of us sources individually. It’s an easy, cheap and effective way to collectively improve a little bit both our knowledge and our peripheral vision.

The Forum is designed to be a slow-paced environment, focused not on quantity or frequency, but (hopefully) on quality.

How it Works?

A little contribution from each one of us generates a great benefit for the whole group.

Please send us a post to forum@archipelago.com.br about the very best you have been reading (book, article, paper), thinking or simply have experienced (either a business/board experience, industry seminar, course). A few of these posts will be selected, carefully edited (to ensure context and quality), sometimes merged with other ideas and then could be published on the website.

Who created and edits the Forum?

The founders and associates of Archipelago Partners, a long-term oriented, people-centric investment partnership.